03 November 2016

(80)External Circular # Physicians Transfer In -Between(Branches Of Mother Group)

Reference: CIR-2016-SHN0694

TO : All Hospitals & Polyclinics, ؛rivate Sector- Dubai

Based on the Health Regulation Department dedication in facilitating and improvement of work processes in alignment with the federal and local legislations that set up its interest for insuring the safety and quality of health care services provided in the private healthcare sector, hence the following details for your kind consideration:-

1-  Professionals licensed by Dubai Health Authority and employed at a private healthcare facility owned by one owner or partners can move in between the branches of the healthcare facility (the mother group) in Emirate of Dubai only and based on the following conditions:

a-  The availability of the same service in the branch that the professional would like to move in and registered in the facility account at "Sheryan"

b-  To be a "full time " job with valid license and on the same specialty

c-  Ensure the availability of the required healthcare staff in the branches to move in with the guarantee that care provided to patients will not be negatively impacted by such process and it is offered by the adequate medical staff as per the services requirements set for each service

d-Insurance cover  for malpractice to be included for the all the branches that professionals will move in

2- The above mentioned conditions are not applicable for the following titles:

a-  Registrar
b-Under supervision

3- As well , the stipulations are not applicable for the following cases:

- Healthcare facilities and professionals with  expired licence in “Sheryan” System
- Professionals and facilities practice within DHCC authority.

4- Based on the above-mentioned rules, it is decided the following:

-  As of date of this circular, Health Regulation Department will not issue a written approval letter regarding the transfer of professionals amongst the branches of the "mother" health care facility within Emirate of Dubai as long as they are fulfilling the above mentioned regulations (article 1 & its appendix)
-  All concerned facilities and professionals are required to adhere to the above details, Health Regulation Department will continue its surveillance, and monitoring to insure the fully compliance and commitment of all in this regards.

Necessary actions will be taken against those who fail to meet their responsibilities towards the mentioned conditions.

Work according to the circular will be effective from the date of its issuance.

Your cooperation in this regard is highly appreciated.

for details of the circular , please refer to the following link:

http://hqpspswebv01/Documents/HRD/Circulars/تعميم رقم (80) بشأن تنقل الاطباء بين المنشآت الصحية الخاصة لفروع المنشأة.pdf