05 March 2020

Updates on Management of COVID-19 (Case Definition)

Reference: CIR-2020-00000077


Dubai Health Authority (DHA) appreciates the ongoing support and collaboration offered by its Strategic Partners to improve the provision of healthcare services in the Emirate of Dubai.



As part of DHA commitment to update healthcare providers with all the developments regarding the management of COVID-19, kindly find attached the updated case definition for COVID-19, according to the latest update received from the Public Health &Protection Department at DHA in line with World Health Organization last update.



All health facilities and healthcare professionals are required to refer to the attached document and adhere to it.


Attachment: Updated case definition COVID-19


With regards,

Dubai Health Authority



Supporting Documents:

External Circular - Updated case definition.pdf:

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updated case difinition 03-03-2020 appendix 3 draft MOH +DHA.pdf:

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