16 March 2020

Permission for all licensed Health Professionals to work between DHA licensed Health Facilities for handling COVID-19

Reference: CIR-2020-00000086

To: All DHA Licensed Health Professionals and Health Facilities


To: All DHA Licensed Health Professionals and Health Facilities


Firstly, Health Regulation Sector (HRS) extends its thankfulness and appreciation for the continuous support and cooperation provided by its strategic partners in the field of Public Health and in congruence with national and international procedures and preventive measures to stop the spread of Covid-19 Virus; and to ensure sufficiency of Health professionals in Dubai; we hereby decided to:


·  Allow all DHA licensed Health Professionals to work and move between DHA licensed Health Facilities -as deemed necessary- regardless of the facility which the professional is licensed under.

·   In case of medical complaint or malpractice, the medical liability lie between the professional and the facilities where the medical services has been offered.

·  Moving between health facilities should be based on a written agreement between the relevant health facilities and professionals


The implementation of this circular does not require any formal approval from the Health Regulation Sector and shall be enforced immediately until further notice.

 please , refer to the attached circular # 1176

For more inquiries, please contact us via:

 Phone: 800 (DHA) 800342

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Thanks in advance for your continuous co-operation.

With regards- DHA


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