28 March 2020

Testing for COVID-19 in Clinical Laboratories in Private Hospitals

Reference: CIR-2020-00000124


To:  All DHA Licensed Hospitals

In alignment with Health Regulation Sector (HRS) commitment to update its strategic partners on the latest updates on COVID-19, HRS hereby announces the allowance of PCR testing for COVID-19 in all Clinical Laboratories in Private Hospitals licensed by DHA


All health facilities and professionals are required to adhere to the instructions set out below:

  • Reporting through “Hasana” online platform
  • Reporting results on timely manner
  • Filling in accurate information
  • Refraining from sharing information and adhering to Patient Privacy laws and regulations.


Kindly fill the attached sheet and forward it to below email at the soonest for us to be able to activate the accounts. 

 Attachments: External Circular

                    : Excel Sheet

Supporting Documents:

External circular- Testing for COVID-19.pdf:

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Hasana User ID Request4.xlsx:

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