19 April 2020

Adopting the "HASANA" system - Dubai Health Authority - the main source of the data

Reference: CIR-2020-00000159

To: All hospitals and health facilities in the private sector - Dubai

Dubai Health Authority extends its thankfulness and appreciation for the relentless support and cooperation provided by private health sector; as we go through the current situation that requires concerted efforts and capabilities to address the coronavirus – COVID -19


Thus, we would like to draw attention that effective from Sunday 19/04/2020, all concerned health facilities shall start using "Hasana " system as a main source for entering and updating all relevant data through the link:


Please be informed, for the HASANA Related support, you are requested to contact:

§ Email:

§ Telephone: 04-2198600


Hasna portal will ease the insertion of data and updating procession by health facilities and in turn enables DHA obtain accurate statistics timely, doing the proper monitoring and investigation and by which taking the appropriate decision accordingly.

All health facilities and professionals are required to adhere to the instructions set out below:

1. Report cases through the “Hasana” system as soon as possible

2. Enter correct and complete data

3. Maintain the confidentiality and security of information concerning patient privacy in accordance with regulations and laws

4. Commit not to use any other means to record data in place of the approved “Hasana” system (for example, paper forms or electronic correspondence)

5.           To fill in all required fields- Mandatory:

1)     Full Name

2)     Gender

3)     DOB

4)     Nationality

5)     Emirates ID

6)     Passport number

7)     Mobile number

8)     Address

9)     Specimen collection date

10)  Specimen processed date

11)  Test Results

12)  Flight number

1.      Besides, the following fields for patient’s condition, should also be filled out as:

1)     Admission Date

2)     Labor – Yes \NO

3)     Outcome “Cured / Infected/ Deceased”

4)     Discharge/transfer Status "to another hospital/ isolation facility"

5)     Date of Discharge/ transfer

6)     Transferred Facilities

7)     Clinical Condition " Stable/ICU"

8)     Case Condition is Stable for Transfer-yes/no

·  Health facilities shall assign a coordinator – IT health informatics – to be responsible for insertion data at Hasna portal. Please send your coordinator details           ( full name\ email address\ mobile no.)

to the following email address:

-Dr. Latifa Alrustamani

-Pradeep Vijaychandran

This circular is effective as of its issuance date. All relevant health facilities shall ensure adherence and compliance with the aforementioned requirements to avoid any violations or penalties that may issue in this regard.


  • This circular is considered as an update of the earlier issued circulars in this regard- attached

with regards- Dubai Health Authority

Supporting Documents:

منصة حصانة-Hasana platform.pdf:

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Hasana System.pdf:

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Updating COVID-19 Data in Sheryan and Hasana 2.pdf:

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