19 April 2020

Referral of COVID-19 cases between the Health Facilities

Reference: CIR-2020-00000160

To: All DHA Licensed Health Facilities in Dubai

For public health protection and to ensure efficiency and integrity of procedures applied to address  cases of COVID-19, while providing the best health protocol relating to cases investigation control its surge,  hence, Dubai Health Authority would like to point out the following instructions:

Referral of Patients between health facilities (COVID-19):


§  Private health facilities must comply with the necessary requirements of infection preventions and controls while referring suspected / infected cases to other health facilities by: -

1.   Compliance to the national guidelines of management Corona virus – COVID19 and the updated workflow for the suspected cases issued by the MOHAP

2.   In case of suspected cases with COVID-19, immediate medical investigations confined with disease diagnosis should be conducted; following the approved policies and guidelines. In the same perspective, all manners of exploiting people’s need for screening COVID-19 must be stopped.


3.   Following policies and procedures of patients transfer is a mandate; either transferring the cases, in case of bed shortage, to the nearest hospital of the same group or for any other private or government hospital; after undertaking the necessary medical aid and care to stabilize the case prior the transfer.


4.Proper communication should be led by the treating physician with the other concerned hospital to obtain approval of receiving the case. Proper pertinent documents for the case should be conveyed in the same time to the receiving hospital. Additionally, patients should be advised with the precautionary measures of preventing virus outburst till being received in the other facility. Patients must not be referred from outpatient clinic to similar outpatient clinic, whether governmental or private.


5.Medical directors shall instruct all health professionals to close compliance with the national guidelines for management with COVID-19 cases.



Heath facilities and health professional should adhere to the aforementioned instructions in order to avoid any violations or disciplinary actions in regard.


Attached the following supportive documents: -

-        Management of Suspected cases- COVID-19

-        National Guidelines for Clinical Management and

Treatment of COVID-19

With regards- Dubai Health Authority

Supporting Documents:

Referral of COVID-19 cases.pdf:

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National Guidelines for Clinical Management and Treatment of COVID-19 Version 2 April 4 2020.pdf:

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Management of a suspected case of COVID-version 4.pdf:

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