19 April 2020

Emergency Cases referred by DCAS to Private Hospital

Reference: CIR-2020-00000161

To: All DHA licensed hospitals in the private sector

Dubai Health Authority extends its thankfulness and appreciation for the relentless support and cooperation provided by private health sector during this current situation that requires concerted efforts and capabilities to address the coronavirus – COVID -19, along the same line and for public health protection, efficiency and integrity of procedures applied to handle cases of Corona virus, and based on DHA approved regulations, federal law # 14 of the year 2014 on communicable disease control and its executive regulations # 33 for the year 2016 and the Medical Liability federal law # 4 for the year 2016, hence,  all DHA licensed hospitals   should adhere to the following:

1.      All private hospitals are mandated to receive emergency cases referred  through Dubai Corporate for Ambulance Services (DCAS) including:

·     Urgent cases of confirmed COVID-19

·     Suspected symptomatic COVID19 cases

·     All other emergencies that include polytrauma and severe cases requiring immediate care  for eg. CVA, cardiac arrest etc.

2.      In case of shortage of beds, or lack of needed requirements for managing any of the cases mentioned above, the hospital shall receive the case and perform the necessary medical support and care to stabilize the case prior the transfer to another suitable hospital to deal with case.  

3.    In case of positive COVID 19 immediate, medical care shall be offered to stabilize the patient following the approved policies and guidelines.

4.    Proper communication should be lead by the treating physician with the other concerned hospital to obtain approval of receiving the case.

5.     Accurate documentation should be in place concerning the facility’s management of the receiving case - by DCAS- since the time of receipt till transferring to the another fit hospital.

Private hospitals and the concerned healthcare professionals shall adhere to the aforementioned instructions regarding cases received by DCAS, in order to avoid any violations or actions in return.

 Attached is the circular.

With regards, Dubai Health Authority


Supporting Documents:

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