27 April 2020

Rapid Viral Tests for COVID19

Reference: CIR-2020-00000176

To : All DHA Licensed Private Hospitals, Outpatient care facilities and pharmaceutical establishments in Dubai

Dubai Health Authority extends its greetings, thanking you all for the continued collaboration wishing you all the best and success.

 As part of efforts to combat the existing coved19 pandemicو and based on  the adopted evidence based approach, DHA requests  all healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities to refrain from using or selling rapid laboratory screening kits to detect blood antibodies to the Covid 19 virus. This method  has not yet been proven to be feasible and has not been universally adopted as a reliable diagnostic method.  The DHA is continuously on testing the effectiveness of these devices and will inform you in the event of any change in this matter.


Based on the above and in view of the utmost importance, all healthcare professionals and facilities are prohibited from using these tests and all pharmaceutical facilities from selling them either in public sales centers or to health facilities and legal measures will be taken for violators.

With regards, Dubai Health Authority


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