20 June 2020

Ministerial Resolution No. (257) of 2020

Reference: CIR-2020-00000244

To: All DHA Licensed Health Facilities & Professionals


kindly find attached circular #2106 regarding:

Ministerial Resolution No. (257) of the year 2020 concerning the implementation of some provisions of Cabinet Resolution No. (21) of 2018 regulating the marketing of products related to infant and young child feeding

 Supportive Document: Ministerial Resolution No. 257 of the year 2020

For adherence to the terms and conditions set out in the aforementioned decree 

Best regards


Supporting Documents:

External Circular- Ministerial Resloution # 257.pdf:

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القرار الوزاري رقم (257) لسنة 2020 بشأن تنفيذ بعض أحكام قرار مجلس الوزراء رقم (21) لسنة 2018 بشأن تنظيم.pdf:

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