29 November 2021

Monitoring and Self-inspection of health facilities in Dubai

Reference: CIR-2021-00000233

To: All licensed health facilities within the jurisdiction and the scope of competence of Dubai Health Authority.



Dubai Health Authority appreciates the continuous support and cooperation provided by its strategic partners to improve the delivery of healthcare services in the Emirate of Dubai.


With reference to the above subject, and for the purposes of enhancing the spirit of responsibility and self-monitoring in health facilities, licensed health facilities within the jurisdiction, and the scope of competence of Dubai Health Authority, Considering that the health sector is a strategic partner in providing health care services to the community, and for the purpose of establishing a system based on effectiveness, efficiency and transparency to ensure the quality of the health care services provided and the satisfaction and happiness of customers and access to the best practices in this field,


Therefore, Health Regulation Sector (HRS) of Dubai Health Authority would like to draw the attention to the implementation of a Monitoring and Self-inspection process that embraces the participation of all health facilities under DHA purview and as indicated in this circular,


This circular is effective as of the date of issuance, and all licensed health facilities under DHA jurisdiction and scope of competence shall take all necessary measures to ensure full compliance with the provisions contained therein in order to avoid any legal accountability.


We hope everyone will adhere to the above-mentioned circular to avoid penalties or any other actions.


Thank you in advance for your support, cooperation, and ongoing commitment to improving healthcare.

With regards


Inspection Section – Clinical Audit and Control Department 

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