28 December 2021

Awareness Flyer

Reference: CIR-2021-00000254

Inspection of medical devices

1. Inventory system in health facility include the following:

1.1.  Device name

1.2.  Description of the device

1.3.  The name of the factory

1.4.   The supplying company (agent)

1.5.  Year of purchase

1.6.  Section (for large clinics / hospitals)

1.7.  Serial number

1.8.  Duration of preventive maintenance work (PM)

1.9.   Last date maintenance & the next one 


 2. Devices Operation Manual


3.  Maintenance file (PM record) &  its includes the following:

3.1.  Calibration certificate

3.2. Periodic maintenance reports, which include qualitative test and quantitative test

3.3. Corrective maintenance reports

3.4. Electrical safety test at least once a year

3.5. Installation report

3.6. Training certificates for the medical staff to use the device, in addition to a list of the names of the trainees


4. PM sticker


General Notes

·       In general, the general condition of the device must be inspected, and there are no external damages, blood spots or dust.

·        Ensure that there is no rust on the devices.






·        Ensure the general condition of the electrical wires, as it is not allowed to use exposed wires, or cover exposed wires with any type of adhesive tape, but in this case, the entire wire must be replaced.

·       The double connection of electrical devices must be replaced with a triple connection.

·       Extension cords are prohibited from being used in health facilities.


With regards- DHA

Health Regulation Sector

Clinical Audit and Control Department

Inspection Section


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