29 December 2021

Awareness Flyer: Waste and Environmental Management

Reference: CIR-2021-00000256

Waste and environmental management should support safe practice and a safe environment. The facility shall develop and implement waste and environmental management policies.


The policy shall include segregation and disposal of clinical waste in a suitable manner in accordance with the local regulations of the Emirate of Dubai.


The waste management policy shall cover handling, storing, transporting, and disposing all kinds of waste such as medical and general waste


Independent storage area with dedicated containers must be available for disposing waste material. Clinical waste shall be stored in designated refrigerated containers with temperature control. Area shall be ventilated properly.


The facility must have contract with a specialized company to regularly collect, transport and destroy medical waste materials according to the conditions issued by Public Health Department in Dubai Municipality.


The facility management shall ensure the compliance with Federal Authority Nuclear Regulation-FANR rules and regulations regarding the use of ionizing radiation and radioactive materials in health Care facility.


Disposing hazardous medical liquids, drugs, solutions and dangerous chemical materials into usual sewage disposal is prohibited.


Cleanliness throughout the facility shall be maintained by trained domestic staff.


With regards- DHA

Health Regulation Sector

Clinical Audit and Control Department

Inspection Section

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