18 March 2022

Standards for Registration of Clinical Training in Health Facility

Reference: CIR-2022-00000059

To:   All Health Professionals & Health Facilities within the jurisdiction of Dubai Heath Authority –Dubai:

based on the Dubai Health Authority’s keenness to continue improve the health sector in the Emirate of Dubai to support the academic health system By providing opportunities for clinical training and higher medical education to meet the increase in number of students and graduates of medical and health sciences colleges in the country.


DHA hereby announces the publication of the “Standards for Registration of Clinical Training in Health Facility – Version (1)”, based on the attached appendix to this circular.

Accordingly, you can submit Registration Application Forms for Clinical Training in Health Facilities for the programs mentioned below:

1.       Basic Training Program:

·       Undergraduate Program,

·       Observership Program.


2.       Intermediate Training Program:

·   Internship Program,

·   Experience Equivalency Program,

·   Practical Training Courses,

·   Back to Practice Program.


3.       Advanced Training Program:

·   Residency Program,

·   Fellowship Program,

·   Post Graduate Certificate Programs.


By filling in the Registration Application Forms attached to this circular.

This circular and the attachments are effective from the date of its issuance Accordingly, all health professionals and health facilities within the jurisdiction of DHA must familiarize and strictly adhere to the provisions contained therein.

For more information, please contact Medical Educational & Research Department on the email:


This circular is designed for regulatory procedures and should not be used as content for media publication

with regards- DHA




1.   Standards of Clinical Training in the Health Facilities,

2.   Registration application form- Basic,

3.   Registration application form- Intermediate,

4.   Registration application form- Advanced.




Supporting Documents:


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Standards for Registration of Clinical Training in Health Facilities-Final.pdf:

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Registration Application Form-Basic.docx:

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