30 March 2022

Webinar: Dubai Clinical Practice Guidelines for Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children and Adolescents

Reference: CIR-2022-00000069

To: All Health Professionals & Health Facilities

      under the jurisdiction of Dubai Heath Authority –Dubai


Health Regulation Sector (HRS) at Dubai Health Authority (DHA), is pleased to invite you to attend a webinar on the

 Dubai Clinical Practice Guidelines for Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children and Adolescents

The Guidelines have been developed based on current best-practice with the aim to enhance communication with strategic partners in the healthcare sector in the Emirate of Dubai.

The purpose of the webinar is to discuss the newly released clinical guidelines, share the latest recommendations and address any related queries

to ensure adoption of best practice in DHA licensed Health Facilities. 


Webinar Language: English

Date: Tuesday, 5th April 2022

Time: 10:00-11:30am

Target audience: DHA licensed facilities



Workshop link: Click here to join the meeting


Please refer to the details of the event through the attached Agenda.

Looking forward to your participation


  • Supporting document:

            Agenda of the workshop


Best Regards