29 January 2017

DHA Hasana Overview

Reference: CIR-2017-SHN0711


DHA is currently implementing a unique Public Health Solution for Disease Surveillance Management. This proven solution will integrate all government and private health facilities in Dubai, providing a single immunization record for each client in all health facilities in Dubai and a robust system to manage and contain the spread of communicable diseases.

This transformation program called HASANA, which means immunity, is another manifestation of DHA’s objective to “provide a smart, accessible, effective and integrated healthcare system, protect public health and improve the quality of life within the Emirate”

HASANA will be used by Physicians, Nurses and Administrative staff and anyone operating in the Public Health landscape in Dubai both in government and Private health sectors. By targeting preventative care and aiming to improve the health status of nationals, residents and visitors HASANA will equip Decision Makers in Dubai with the necessary tools to prevent, detect, and manage the outbreak of communicable diseases in an efficient manner.

HASANA will not only create a unique immunization record for each individual in Dubai but will also seamlessly integrate government and private health facilities and partners while enabling all of them to access the same immunization data and ensure complete and high quality care for all. This integration is a first of a kind in the region, and it will help DHA realize a number of benefits:
·  Patient preventative care will be improved through access to unified immunization records at any facility and availability of relevant data such as special considerations, allergies, and risk factors pertinent to immunization.
·  At the operational level, critical and scalable events such as school mass immunization campaigns will be supported with the necessary tools to simplify the planning phases and reduce the workload on the healthcare staff and support the management of the events allowing the providers to direct their efforts fully to the patient’s care.
·  Collaboration between private and government health facilities will be seamless thus creating a more robust Public Health Ecosystem in the Emirate of Dubai.
·  Healthcare professionals and partners will be able to join efforts to minimize the risk of outbreak and disease exposures. For instance, if there is an outbreak of food poisoning, the municipal authorities will be alert to follow the reported cases and DHA will have a prime role and view on the investigation data and outcomes.
·  At the management level, historical immunization, investigation and outbreak data will allow DHA to better plan resources and manpower and allocate them where there is pressing needs.

With HASANA forming a strong foundation for Public Health in Dubai, DHA is complimenting its efforts with mobile applications as part of its citizen- centric healthcare strategy. The apps launched and being enhanced are:
·  Tiflis (Arabic for ‘my baby’), which will be further enhanced manage the immunization records of the baby in alignment with HASANA’s data thus allowing parents and guardians a more substantial use of the app and easy access to their child’s vaccination records.
·  A new Nurse application to manage school mass immunization replacing a process that currently relies on paperwork for the most part. Nurses will be able to manage school mass immunization campaigns and perform the required tasks with the support of the app.

DHA has been investing a lot of efforts and resources to enable the smart transformation of healthcare and ensure customer satisfaction and happiness. By focusing on preventative care, HASANA is looking after every Dubai’s wellbeing and shielding from the threat of infectious diseases to achieve a healthier happier Dubai.