27 February 2017

Ministerial Council Decree No.(888)On Prescribing And Dispensing The Narcotics, Cd & Scd Medication

Reference: CIR-2017-SHN0716

To: All Health Care Facilities -private Sector

With the release of the Ministerial Decree no. 888 for the year 2016 concerning the rules and regulations of controlling narcotic, controlled & semi controlled drugs and the publication in the U.A.E official gazette on 29/12/2016, we would like to acknowledge the following:

1-  The implementation of  the mentioned decree (attached) and to adhere to its terms and conditions in all health care facilities and pharmacies in Dubai

2-  The current decree (888) will repeal the previous decree (1122) and any other administrative decisions that found in contradict with it.

Thus, it is expected from all to acknowledge of the decree commands and be compliant to  send the required data reports as following:

·       Monthly reports (for CD & SCD)

       ·       Quarterly reports (forNarcotic drugs)

Forms to be filled out and sent  in the forms of:

·       Excel Sheets

·       Pdf format after signed by theauthorized person and facility stamp

Forms will be as following:
  • Monthly reports ( CD& SCD)
  • Quarterlyreports ( narcotics )

 Forms to be sent after filling out to the following email address:

For more information or inquiries and tosubmit the required data, please communicate with the support office – HRD withthe following communication details:

Telephone Nos.


04-5022901 /5022996 /5024026 /502401204

Email address:

Please adhere to the above detailsin order to avoid any penalties that might be taken as a result of noncompliance.

for decree no. (888) please refer to the following link:قرار%20وزاري%20رقم%20888.pdf

for quarterly report , please press here

for monthly report , please press here:

for reading circular no. 78 please refer to the following link:

Supporting Documents:

قرار وزاري رقم 888.pdf:

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تعميم رقم (78)بشأن ضوابط وصف وصرف الادوية المخدرة و المراقبة وشبه المراقبة - - Copy.pdf:

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Narcotic Quarter Report.xlsx:

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Monthly Report.xlsx:

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