25 April 2019

بخصوص فقدان ختم وصفات طبية

Reference: CIR-2017-SHN0718

To : All Pharmacies- Dubai

Please be advised that an incidence of medical stamp loss, carrying no. 241552for dispensing narcotics, controlled and semi controlled drugs. You are therefore requested to conform to the rules and regulation applied in this regard by taking the utmost caution and restraint not dispensing any prescription getting the mentioned stamp no. as mentioned above.

In case of acknowledgment or accessany prescription with the above mentioned number , please call any of the following numbers:

o   Police on-duty : -050-5516218

  • Health Regulation Dept./Support Office: 04-50224010/04-5022901

                     Your co-operation in this matter is highly appreciated.

with Regards,

Health Regulation Department- DHA