29 March 2017

[Reminder] Comply With Dispensing Mode At Pharmacies

Reference: CIR-2017-SHN0722

Dubai Health Authority presents its gratitude for your constant cooperation; Based oncircular number 84-2017 and the international best practices ,Health Regulation Department accordingly, would like to draw kind attention for all pharmacies and healthcare provider and Emphasize the need to adhere to the following:

·       Adhere with regulations and standers of dispensing mode for medicinal products asapproved by ministry of health and prevention.

·       To comply with Not dispensing Antibiotics without a prescription by alicensed pharmacist (in pharmacy) from legitimate Healthcare professional (physician).

·       The necessity of guiding and educating clients on the importance of not consumingany antibiotics without consulting a doctor or conducting clinical examinationsor laboratory investigations (if the case required), adherence to prescribed doses and dates based on prescription and encourage them not to hesitate to review the specialists in case of any queries.

Kindly ensure that all healthcare professionals adhere to the above stipulations in order to avoid anyfuture disciplinary against non-compliance facility through intensive inspection visits

for circular 84, please refer to the following link:


for details of circular 85, please press the following link:

Supporting Documents:

تعميم رقم (84) بطريقة صرف الأدوية بالصيدليات.pdf:

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تعميم (85) بشأن الالتزام بصرف المضادات الحيوية وترشيد استهلاكها.pdf:

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