04 April 2017

[Reminder] Changing Fees Of Sick Leave Attestation

Reference: CIR-2017-SHN0726

To: All Healthcare Facilities – private sector

Firstly Health Regulation Department -DHA presents its gratitude for your constant  cooperation and as a part of its commitment to update all partners in the private sector on the latest rules and regulation ; it is worth to draw attention on the following:

·  Applying the fees of 20 AED for each sick leave certificate as for (knowledge Dirham charge of 10 AED and Innovation Dirham charge of 10 AED)

·       Accordingly, the cost of purchasing sick leave certificates has been changed as following:

§  The new price list per each certificate is: AED 70

For fully access on the circular # 87 , please refer to the following link:

With regards of Health Regulation Department-DHA

Supporting Documents:

تعميم رقم (87) بشأن زيادة رسوم تصديق الاجازات المرضية وفحص النظر.pdf:

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