09 April 2017

[Reminder] Ministerial Decree #(154)For The Year 2017 Regarding Selling Price Of Blood Units And Their Components In Private Healthcare Facilities

Reference: CIR-2017-SHN0730

To: AllHealthcare Facilities – private sector


In terms of DHA commitment towards constant collaboration with its partners in private healthcare sector and keeping them updated and benefited of the latest rules and regulations in the field, hence, it is to notify of the following law:

§  Based on the Ministerial Decree no. (154) of the year 2017 received from Ministry of Health and Prevention (attached); the selling price for blood units and its components have been adjusted; as shown in the attached list.


All laws as well as pertinent rules and regulations which are inconsistent with the provisions of this code are hereby repealed; including the earlier decree # 474

For the ministerial decree no. 154 for the year 2017, please refer to the following link:


For the circular # 89 details, please go to the following link

With regards of Health Regulation Dept. / DHA

Supporting Documents:

قرار وزاري رقم 154 لسنة 2017م بشان تحديد اسعار بيع وحدات الدم ومكوناته في المنشآت الصحية الخاصة.pdf:

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تعميم رقم (89) بشأن نغيير اسعار وحدات الدم ومكوناته - Copy.pdf:

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