27 April 2017

[Reminder] Issuing Sick Leave With Retroactive Dates

Reference: CIR-2017-SHN0734

To: All Healthcare Facilities  &Professionals – Private Sector

Based on the Health Regulation Department/DHA dedication in confirming healthcare facilities compliance and implementation of the best standards within the applied rules and regulations of local legislation that  focusing on safety and quality of health care services provided in the field, hence the following details for your kind consideration:-

§  Sick leave shouldb e issued only on the same date of patient’s visit to the facility, hence it is a mandatory for all to adhere to the following rules:


1-     Not to issue any sick leave with retroactive dates

2-    Sick leave shall be only issued on the same day of the patient's review at the health facility

3-    Physicians who are found not adhere to the above instructions will be subject to disciplinary actions by DHA

4 - The circular is effective from the date of issuance 

5-   All relative parties in this process are expected to abide the above rules. 

With regards of Health Regulation Dept./DHA

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