06 June 2017

[Reminder] Key Performance Indicators Of Dubai Plan 2021

Reference: CIR-2017-SHN0739

Health Regulation Department / DHA extends its thanks and appreciation to its strategic partners in the private healthcare sector for their continuous and profitable cooperation, which in turn contributes to achieving the desired development and improvement in the level of services provided in the sector. Furthermore, within the framework of the Dubai Strategic Plan 2021, which aims at enhancing services in various sectors and upgrading the emirate to be placed in the ranks of foremost global cities, and to achieve this vision, Health Regulation Department is currently conducting KPIs measurement of health services hub as included in the plan.

Accordingly, we attach the KPIs as included in Dubai Plan 2021,to be collected and measured by the relevant facilities. it is  also required to adhere to the following:


1.     Provide Health Regulation Department with the required data of key performance indicators for the year 2016 according to the attached form. Deadline of submitting the required data is 01/07/2017

2.     Continuity of collecting, measuring, and submitting the required key performance indicators as listed in the cards and submit them on quarterly basis.

3.  Provide Health Regulation Department with reports including suggestions and challenges regarding the collection of KPIs and with internationally approved references on a biannual basis.

4.  Each facility to provide HRD with point of contacts; the concerned section or person in details for coordination of the above matter.

·       For submitting the requested data and for other inquiries, kindly contact:

·       Mr.Ahmed Omar / Phone number: 045024027 -  E-mail:


           Mr. Abdulrahman Saeed / phone number :04-50224033 - Email : (E-mail:

To achieve the desired objectives, please commit to provide the required data regularly to avoid any action that may be taken against any non -compliant facilities.  

(or         For full access on the circular no. 95 , please refer to the following link: