26 July 2017

Enhancing Surveillance Of Cholera In All Public And Private Health Facilities-Dubai

Reference: CIR-2017-SHN0748

To: All Healthcare Facilities  – Private Sector Dubai

Dubai Health Authority extends its thankfulness and appreciation for the continuous cooperation offered by all health care facilities in Dubai towards achieving the shared goal of prevention and control of communicable diseases.

Henceforth,and based on the international reports received concerning Cholera outbreaks in Yemen Republic among the fears of a worsening epidemic situation due to scarcity of safe drinking water and medical supplies.

Cholera is known as one of a serious disease that can lead to severe health problems and might trigger the epidemic. Thus, DHA provides the required precautions in case of perceiving infected cases.

1-In case of detecting infected cases among the  arrivals to the country from known infected regions:

  • It is not expected to be a locally widespread and this is due to a high level of environmental sanitation and safe drinking water; however expecting limited cases amid close contacts of these patients.
  •       The early detection of such cases lead to ensure the prevention of such epidemic disease spread locally and reduces the risk of infection.

To face the threat of cholera, it is recommended to apply the following procedures immediately:

1-   Instruct the concerned professionals in the governmental and private healthcare sectors as the importance of examining suspected cases and diagnosis of cholera, along with checking out the travelling dates to the contaminated countries that experiencing cholera outbreaks (esp. Yemen)

2-  Immediate contact the relevant health authorities once experiencing suspected cases, and based on the approved protocols in such incidences.

3- Offering the prompt required treatment and liquids compensation for fluid loss to avoid complications and deaths

4-  Applying the approved procedures of infection control for suspected cases by providing required prevention for healthcare work forces and isolation for patients and according to the approved rules and regulations.

Additionally, the following preventive procedures should be applied by the relevant Preventive Medicine and Health Authorities:

1-   Enhancing the travelers’ awareness to the areas with Cholera outbreaks regarding the personal hygiene and preventive processes.

2- Providing the travelers with the appropriate Oral Cholera vaccinations while stressing the fact that vaccination is not a substitute to the prophylactic procedures as to insure the cleanliness and appropriates hygienic standards of food and drink.

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