31 July 2017

Procedures For Notification And Investigation Of The National Measles, Rubella And Congenital Rubella Syndrome (CRS)Elimination Program

Reference: CIR-2017-SHN0751

To: All Healthcare Facilities  – Private Sector Dubai


Dubai Health Authority extends its thankfulness and appreciation for the continuous cooperation offered by all health care facilities in Dubai towards achieving the shared goal of prevention and control of communicable diseases.


With reference to the above mentioned subject,  UAE is applying a national program of measles,rubella and CRS elimination, which has been initiated by World Health Organization.

Measles is planned to be eliminated by 2020, achieving incidence rate of less than five cases per one million population from at least five of the WHO regions.

Instructions for Notification and Laboratory Confirmation

1.  Notification:

§ Infectious diseases are considered to be notified to the health authorities by the law of UAE.

§ Measles and rubella are notifiable diseases according to the communicable diseases law 14 for the year 2014.

§ Immediate notification (while suspicion) is mandatory to Preventive Service Centre in Dubai Health Authority.

§ Cases with fever and rash considered as a suspected measles.

1.  Laboratory Investigation:

In private and government health care centers:


§  Cases with fever and rash should be laboratory investigated for measles and rubella.

§  Laboratory investigation of measles and rubella suspected cases is free of charge.

·       Reason of investigation should be clearly mentioned in the laboratory request.

In private health care centers:

·       Samples should be sent to the virology laboratory in Latifa hospital- DHA.

·       Laboratory investigation of measles and rubella suspected cases are not allowed in private laboratories.

·       Samples for immunity status check-up should not be sent to the virology laboratory in Latifa Hospital- DHA for investigation.

·       Any private laboratory should not accept samples for suspected measles or rubella cases.

2.  Penalties:

Non-compliance with the above instructions may result to legal accountability and disciplinary actions against the related health facility or laboratory

For communication and more information, please email Mr. Islam Abdelrahman Omar Abdella at:


 mobile # 0562253800

Asmaa Almakki Mukhtar    

 mobile # 0503561740


 For instructions; please refer to the following link:


For circular # 103, please press the following link:

With Regards/ The Preventive Services Center-DH

Supporting Documents:

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