15 August 2017

[Reminder] Healthcare Facilities Preparedness For Contingencies And Disasters Management

Reference: CIR-2017-SHN0753

To: Healthcare Facilities - Private Sector 

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) would like first to extend its sincere gratitude and appreciation for your continuous communication and distinguished cooperation in all subjects concerninghealthcare field which proven reliably to the desired results. 

Moreover,as a part of HRD continuous pursuit of best practices and implementation of high quality and safety standards of services offered to community and people in Dubai, and following the applied DHA rules and regulations, it is to draw attention of the necessity of the following:-


·       Having a well-envisioned plan that assuring emergency and contingencies preparedness.


·       Each facility should insure the availability of a well-documented and tested disaster management plan in place that in turn will enable an objective assessment of the readiness level.


This is for the purpose of insuring the availability of aneffective emergency management that will successfully enable Dubai to be more prepared and planned for any future disasters or emergencies.


Therefore, the private hospitals are requested to provide the following requirements and adhere to send maximum by 3 months of the date of receipt of the circular:

1.     A copy of the setup policy and plans for external disasters management. 

2.     Disaster drill date for the year 2017.

3.     A copy of disaster evaluation form and standards which used to evaluate the drill done in the year of 2017.

4.     A copy of correction plan to improve the performance for dealing with external disaster management, based on the drill performance evaluation

5.     Contact details of the concerned department or person in relation with the above matter


For submitting the needful information and other inquiries, kindly contact :


·     Mrs. Amal Al Mehrezi –Tel.:04-5022920  or email:

·     Mr. Abdulrahman Saeed-Tel.number:04-50224033 or email:  

·    Mr. Ahmad Omar – Tel.Number: 04-5024027 or email:


All healthcare partners are expected and required to work inaccordance with the above mentioned instructions in order to avoid any disciplinary actions might be taken against the non-compliant parties.

For details on the circular # 104, please refer to the following link:

Supporting Documents:

- تعميم رقم (104) جاهزية المستشفيات الخاصة للتعامل مع الكوارث والأزمات V4.pdf:

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