29 August 2017

[Reminder] Amending Of Dispensing Penthrox Inhaler(Methoxyflurane)

Reference: CIR-2017-SHN0755

To: All Health Facilities -Private Sector

In accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and Prevention and the Keenness of community and public health safety and based on the recommendations of the Higher Committee for Registration and Drug Pricing in meeting No. 2 of 2017.

Inaddition, based on Instructions set by Ministry of Health and Prevention andlocal health authorities in the State concerning consumption, distribution anddispensing of medications, Narcotic drugs, Psychotropic substances andControlled and Semi-Controlled drugs. And as per the laws and decisions in place , we would like to drawattention to the following point:

§  Dispensing of Penthrox Inhaler (Methoxyflurane) categoryto be amended and included as a Semi-Controlled drug

§  All health facilities must adhere to this circular in accordance withthe instructions in this regard.


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