07 September 2017

[Reminder] Adding Warning On A Medicine Solu Medrol20Mg & 40Mg Injection(Methylprednisolone Sodium Succinate)- Pfizer

Reference: CIR-2017-SHN0760

To: All Healthcare Facilities - Dubai

In accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and Prevention and the Keenness of community and public health safety, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the manufacturer has added a warning on the above-mentioned drug which is used to treat conditions such as  arthritis, blood disorders, severe allergic reactions, certain cancers, eye conditions, skin/kidney/intestinal /lung diseases and immune system disorders. This is because they contain cow's milk, which may cause severe allergic reactions in patients who are allergic to cow's milk or any of its ingredients and other dairy products.

Since the product is registered with the Department of Medicine of the Ministry of Health and Prevention, we recommend that:

1.      1. The pharmaceutical Manufacturer Company of the product to addthe warning in the medicine leaflet to include the risks mentioned above.

2.      2. Health care Professionals should take the necessary precautions mentioned above when administering medication to their patients, and not to dispense the above medicine in patients who are allergic to cow'smilk.

3.    3.  In case of Adverse Drug Reaction or event of any side effects kindly fill out the form of the ADR of the drug available at: Or contact the following addresses: Tel: 04-2301448 or fax 04-2301947 or Email:

§  All health facilities must adhere to this circular in accordance withthe instructions in this regard.

§  Kindly adhere to the above details in order to avoid any penalties that might be taken as a result.

§  For more information or inquiries and submitting the required data, Kindly call the support office on :  04- 5022901  5022996 Email address:


          Your co-operation is highly appreciated


     For full access on the circular, please refer to the following link:

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