18 October 2017

[Reminder] Federal Law No.(4)Of 2016 On Medical Liability

Reference: CIR-2017-SHN0771

Star GrayTo: All Healthcare Facilities and Professionals – Dubai


As part of Health Regulation Department’s (HRD) continuous efforts to improve healthcare service standards by complying with the laws, rules and regulations issued to ensure the best practices in the field, and in order to ensure continuous communication with its strategic partners in the healthcare sector and keep them updating with the latest rules, HRD hereby enclosed Federal Law No. (4) of year 2016 on Medical Liability.

·        The law includes the regulations, legislations and specified provisions of those responsibilities according to the provisions of the law.

For achieving the perspective and hoped-for development in the private health sector and improving the level of services provided, we expect all to abide by the obligation (terms and conditions) of the law and work under its provisions.


Enclosed is the Federal Law No. (4) of 2016 on Medical Liability; please refer to the following link:


For full access on the circular # 114 for Medical Liability , please go the following link:

Supporting Documents:

قانون اتحادي بشأن المسؤولية الطبية.pdf:

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تعميم (114)بشان قانون المسؤولية الطبية رقم 4 للعام 2016.pdf:

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