16 November 2017

[Reminder] : Method Of Prescribing And Dispensing Controlled And Semi-Controlled Medications For General Anesthesia

Reference: CIR-2017-SHN0780


In accordance with the Ministry of Health and Prevention directives on the security and safety of society, preservation of Public Health, recommendations of the Higher Committee for Registration and Drug Pricing Meeting No. 127/2017 on 13/9/2017 and Laws for regulating the consumption, distribution, prescribing and dispensing of Narcotic drugs, Psychotropic substances, Controlled and Semi-controlled drugs.
Please refer to the following link for the following link in relation to the circular # 123 and the instructions of
Method of prescribing and dispensing Controlled and Semi-controlled Medications for general anesthesia
as received from Ministry of Health & Prevention

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تعميم رقم 123 بشأن الوصفات الطبية للادوية المراقبة وشبه المراقبة.pdf:

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