31 January 2018

Code Of Ethics And Professional Conducts

Reference: CIR-2018-SHN0817

To: All Healthcare Facilities and Professionals – Dubai



As part of Health Regulation Department’s pledge to improve service standards and elevate the values of ethics and morals expected from Professionals practicing in the field,  the by complying with the laws, rules and regulations issued to ensure the best practices in the field, HRD hereby enclosed the code of Ethics and Professional conducts. Which were set up with the aims of :

§ Being addressed to all Healthcare professionals with acknowledgment of what are expected from them

§ Representing a milestone towards fulfilling the conduct and behavior expected of licensed Healthcare professional practicing in Dubai.

§ Describing the principles of good practice in explicit and concrete way

The circular is a reminder of the mentioned code and we expect all to comply with the articles and items as defined in the attached document.


For full access to the code of Ethics and Professional Conducts; please refer to the following link:


For Circular # 133, please refer to the following link:

Your co-operation in this is  highly appreciated. 

With regards of Health Regulation Department


Supporting Documents:

Code of Conduct for Health Professionals Final.pdf:

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تعميم--( 133 )بشان قواعد اخلاقيات المهنة والسلوك المهني.pdf:

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