18 February 2018

[Reminder] Antibiotics Stewardship Program

Reference: CIR-2018-SHN0822

To: All Healthcare Facilities- Private Sector - Dubai

Based on the recommendations of WHO and the center of Disease Control and Prevention, and implementing the latest standards of JCIA and in view of growingproblem of antibiotic – resistant bacteria regionally and globally, and our pursuit endeavors of applying Antibiotics Stewardship Program, we hereby attach a copy of the  :



             "Antibioticsand Antimicrobial Guidelines"


Therefore, it is necessary to draw attention towards the absolute compliance with the attached guidelines.

For further queries or information , please refer to Pharmacy Department / DHA on the following email contact details:


Dr. Ali Al Sayed Hussain

Mr. Mohammad Arfan Asif

Mrs. Mai Mahfouz Al Issa

Mrs. Hanan Saeed Nader




For guidelines, please refer to the following links:

 For access on circular # 135, please refer to the following link:

Supporting Documents:

AB - 1.pdf:

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Part 1.pdf:

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Part 2.pdf:

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تعميم( 135 )بشان برنامج مراقبة المضادات الحيوية - Copy.pdf:

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