21 February 2018

[Reminder] Training On Medical Equipment In Healthcare Facilities

Reference: CIR-2018-SHN0825

To: All Healthcare Facilities and Professionals – Dubai



In alignment with Health Regulation Department’s (HRD) pledge and responsibilities to insure implementation of laws and regulations with the concept of achieving the best practices in the healthcare field. Yet, to address any practice or process that may be detrimental to the health and safety of community and individuals, thus attention should be drawn to the following ground rules of selling accredited medical equipment and training healthcare professionals in relation and which are currently  carried out through the following routes:

§  Selling approved medical equipment for private healthcare facilities by accredited medical equipment supplies companies (having Ministry of Health & Prevention accreditation and licensed by the Department of Economic Development) is legitimate and considered a permitted process.

§  Yet, it was noted that some of the mentioned companies allow the equipment-related trainers to perform training in healthcare facilities regarding the operation and usage of equipment on volunteering patients who wish to receive free sessions and after necessary medical examination done for them by the physician in charge.

§  Although the trainer is accredited by the manufacturer company with the existence of a certificate showing his/her knowledge of the technical and clinical usage of the medical equipment, yet the procedure is still related to medical practice and raising concerns on patients’safety.


§  The merely trainer accreditation (by theManufacturer) in view of the said procedures (usage of equipment overvolunteering patients) is against rules and regulations governing practice of health professions in UAE.  Hence it is essential to underline the following instructions:

Based on Federal Law # (4) of year 2016 on Medical Liability (attached) and Criteria of Professional Qualifications Requirements  (PQR) for Licensing Healthcare Professionals, as is applicable to any entity operating in UAE, the practice of the mentioned procedure: training on medical equipment in healthcare facilities) shall be as follows:

1.      Trainer must obtain DHA license after fulfilling the licensing requirements and meeting criteria applied by DHA

2.  The training program related to the practice should be from one of the centers recognized by DHA

3. Trainer’s license should be in line with the actual professional practice ( according to the equipment utilities) and to train professionals in healthcare facilities accordingly

4.  Healthcare facilities should insure thetrainer DHA licensure. Training on volunteering patients  is not permitted unless he/she presents thelicense card

5. Conducting the necessary investigations for the volunteers by the physician in charge prior performing the procedure

6. Presence of the relevant physician throughout the whole training session and performing procedure on patients.

All concerned facilities are expected to be strictly compliance with the above mentioned regulations and conduct accordingly. Any breach to the above said rules will result in suitable disciplinary actions.

To obtain the required professional licensing standards, and further inquiries and information, please contact the Registration and Accreditation Section – HRD / DHA through:


§  Dr. Hamda AlMarzooqi

Ext: 04-502961








§  Mrs. Aisha Ali AlMaamari  Ext: 04-502933

§  Dr. Salam Mahmoud Swaid Ext: 04-5024021

For full access on circular # 134, please refer to the following link:

For Decree # 4 for Medical Liability, please go to the following link:

For Professional qualifications Requirements, please go to the following link:

Your co-operation in this is highly appreciated.

Supporting Documents:

تعميم( 134 )بشان تدريب الافراد المهنيين على الاجهزة الطبية - Copy.pdf:

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Federal Decree Law No. ( 4 ) of 2016 on Medical Liability.pdf:

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