27 March 2018

[Reminder] Temporarily Service Outage For "Sheryan" Licensing System

Reference: CIR-2018-SHN0838

To : All Health facilities & Health professionalsPrivate Sector - Dubai


DHA – Technical Team are doing some changes in our e-services portal to enhance the user experience and add some security measures for the system information.


So kindly note thefollowing:

§ we are temporarily disabling the registration and change password functionality for the New Users for the period of :

Tuesday 27thMarch 2018

( 03:30pm- DUBAI ST )


Friday 30thMarch 2018

( 08:00 pm-DUBAI ST  )

§ Furthermore, the login will be disabled for the system users (already registered in the system) from:

Thursday 29thMarch 2018

(03:30 pm-DUBAI ST )


Friday 30-03-2018 

(08:00 pm- DUBAI ST )


Due to this temporarily disabling, the issuing of sick leave will be affected, so HRD will accept Health Facilities and Healthcare professionals to issue manual sick leave to their patients ONLY during this period (Thursday 29-03-20183:30 pm Dubai ST till Friday 30-03-2018 8:00 pm Dubai ST(  

For any clarifications or queries, kindly contact 800 DHA

For full access on the circular, please refer to the following link: 

Thank you for your continuous cooperation and support

With Regards,

Health Regulation Department

Supporting Documents:

تعميم رقم 142 بشأن توقف الخدمة مؤقتاً بالنظام الالكتروني للتراخيص شريان.pdf:

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