25 April 2018

[Reminder] Assignment Of Medical And Administrative Coordinators In Intensive Care Dept. At Hospitals For The National Organ Transplantation Program

Reference: CIR-2018-SHN0848

To: All Healthcare Facilities and Professionals – Dubai


Star GrayIn alignment with the Ministerial administrative circular No. 6535 of  the year 2018 and within the framework of exerting every potential to develop health services at all levels of medical and healthcare fields, specifically that of organ transplantation , in this range, UAE has taken all necessary actions as to issue legislations regulating and developing this process ever since the issuance of Federal Law No. 5 of the year 2016 on the transfer and transplantation of organs and tissues and through the ministerial decree No. (550) of 2017 on the criteria for death diagnosis.

Stemming from the prominence of the mentioned national program, and in order to support and  activate brain death procedures and enable those who wish to donate and exercise that right of donation and save others’ lives , and seeking for the contribution of the largest number of hospitals to building a sustainable program of donating organs and strengthening their role in supporting UAE efforts to encourage organ donation , It is mandate to: 
§  Health facilities that provide intensive care services are required to nominate one of its doctors working in intensive care field with the rank of consultant or specialist to act as the supervisor and responsible for the follow-up program in the hospital
§  Assign the candidate as the medical coordinator for brain death cases
§  Nominate an administrative coordinator to work together with the medical coordinator to facilitate and solve any difficulties that may be encountered in the process of diagnosing and documenting brain death from administrative aspects
§   Provide the necessary support to the families of the brain dead patients

o   Attached to current circular:


1.  Job description for both the Medical and the Administrative Coordinator
2.    Standard procedures for donation of organs and activation of the brain death protocol in the United Arab Emirates.
In the same context, the National Committee for Organ Transplantation will organize  periodical workshops with the participation of representatives from all health authorities and healthcare facilities to ensure the following:


1.    Obedience to the unified standards in all health facilities in the United Arab Emirates.
2.    Discuss the tasks, responsibilities, privileges   and system of reporting brain deaths to ensure a rigorous approach to a sustainable program
3.    Review global KPIs and best practices in donating organs to provide the required support to donation hospitals
4.   Building integral relations between these hospitals at the country level
Therefore, please send the list of candidates from each hospital and ensure that the candidate has attended one of the training courses offered in the final period on organ donation (the middle course or the advanced organ donation) by contacti

Dr. Ali Al-Obaidli - Chairman of the NationalCommittee for Organ Transplantation- via email address (



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