07 May 2018

[Reminder] Video Filming At Operating Rooms During Surgical Procedure And Live Broadcasting Via Social Media

Reference: CIR-2018-SHN0850

To : All Health facilities & Professionals Private Sector - Dubai

As part of Health Regulation Department ‘s keenness to achieve the highest standards of quality and patient safety and its commitment to keep constant communication with its strategic partners in private sector and sharing experience in all subjects related to Health standards, safety and quality of services provided, we would like to draw attention to concerns on the growing incidents of unauthorized individuals getting in the operating rooms for video filming and live streaming of surgeries and communicate the procedure via  (instagram / Snap Chat and Twitter) . Those videosare then used for  for marketing purposes for the facility  as well as the physician without consideration of the following principles:

1. Patients' rights and privacy (yet even by the patient’s consent)

2. Unfavorable effect on the treating physician and the associated medical staff

3. The obvious breach of infection control rules , especially if the person who is filming is not authorized to enter the operating room or with no medical background

4. Putting patients’ health and safety at risk 

5. Involving the treating physician and medical staff in aside communication during the procedure, while all care and focus should be only for the patient under anesthesia

6. Access of unauthorized persons with no medical background to the operating rooms. While  operating theater protocol permits limited access to only authorized staff, and this is to ensure the inevitable and maximum safety and protection to patients

For promoting patient health and safety and providing all the optimal settings leading to the rule of patient’s care comes first and fore most, all facilities and professionals should adhere to the following rules::



1. Videoshooting, filming and recording in all forms during  surgical procedure should be totally prevented and stopped, either by the medical staff or through unauthorized individuals with no medical background , who are admitted to the operating rooms for the purpose of imaging or video filming and marketing for the facility or the physician

2. Adhering to infection control criteria and reducing the risk of acquired infections in operating rooms by not allowing any individuals expect the medical staff and authorized personnel

3. All health facilities and professional personnel must comply with the above to avoid any irregularities or punitive measures.


Thankyou in advance for your cooperation


for full access to circular # 149 ,please refer to the following link:

With regards, Dubai Health Authority

Supporting Documents:

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