17 May 2018

[Reminder](Reminder)United Nation Scientific Committee For The Effects Of Atomic Radiation(Unscear)Survey

Reference: CIR-2018-SHN0851

To : All Health facilities -Private Sector - Dubai

The United Nation Scientific Committee for the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) was established in 1955 by the United Nations General Assembly to assess and report levels and effects of ionizing radiation. The UNSCEAR is launching this new round of global surveys to encourage countries to provide data on frequency of radiation use in medicine and on patient radiation doses. The UAE is officially taking part in this current UNSCEAR Survey with a high support from Ministry of Foreign Affair, Healthcare Organizations and the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR).

             Knowing the patient radiation exposure and its frequency is very important input to effectively manage the radiation safety issues in hospitals. These data also help for future research subjects related to radiation epidemiology. Hence, DHA invites you to take part in this Global Survey for the year 2016 and we highly appreciate your kind contribution.  

Kindly be notified of the following deadlines so we can provide it to the UNSCEAR Committee on time:


By maximum:  31st May 2018

For more information,  please refer to  Ms. Farhana Riaz

Please refer to the attachments in the following links;


Supporting Documents:

circular no. 150.pdf:

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user manual for radiology (extracted).pdf:

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Dubai Branches that provided the data (update for new files).xlsx:

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Empty Radiology Medical Exposure questionnaire.xls:

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