28 June 2018

Updating The Contact List-Implement “Hasana” Program To Standardize Preventative Medicine Data For Individuals In The Emirate Of Dubai

Reference: CIR-2018-SHN0864

Dubai Health Authority(DHA) has launched a comprehensive network of services and systems that will contribute to the development of an integrated and sustainable health care system in Dubai to achieve the highest international standards in the health of individuals and the community.

DHA will launch “Hasana”an electronic public health system to monitor and manage infectious diseases and epidemics called immunity by linking public and private health careinstitutions in Dubai and their partners with a unified system for managing vaccines, reporting disease and managing infectious disease outbreaks.

The system aims to support professionals in preventive health in Dubai, where the system will enable them to monitor:

·       Vaccination management: management of vaccination schedulesand immunization records, planning and tracking of important immunization data, monitoring of post-vaccination side effects and management of national immunization campaigns.

·                  Management of communicable diseases and epidemics: investigation mechanisms, monitoring of health interventions, management of outbreak and outbreak information.


The most important benefits of the Hasana program are:

  • Improve preventive patient care by providing standardized immunization records in all health care institutions and enabling users to add all data related to vaccinations such assensitivities and chronic diseases.
  • Support doctors and nurses in schools with the tools to plan vaccination campaigns, reduce the workload of staff, and allow them to direct their efforts to care for the health of students
  • The DHA plan aims toprovide the system in all health facilities to start recording and managing immunizations in 2018. The system will also be available through smart mobile applications for schools and health facilities. Users will also be able to review family vaccination schedules through the application “Tifli”.
  • Accordingly, all health facilities in the Emirate of Dubai (hospitals, health centers, clinics and school clinics) should start implementing the new electronic system after training


    For point of contact on HASANA queries, please refer to the following details:




    Mobil Number

    Mrs. Hanaa Fouad 


    050 2447804

    Ms. Zainab Hussain



    Mr. Romeo Jr Jamisal Jarabelo



    Mr. Subin Luckose Luckose



    For details of circular # 146, please refer to the following link:



    With regards, Dubai Health Authority


Supporting Documents:

DHA HASANA Circulation to Healthcare Facilities تعميم رقم 146 بشأن برنامج حصانة v1.1.pdf:

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