11 October 2018

[Reminder] Circular # 166 On Reporting Of Birth & Death And Infectious Disease Notifications To DHA Online System By All The Private Health Facilities In Dubai

Reference: CIR-2018-SHN0882

To: All Licensed health facilities- Private Sector  Dubai

In line with DHA commitment of keeping its strategic partners informed with all subjects and issues relating to healthcare field, hence, it is to draw attention to the following points:


1.      It has been recently noticed that some health

facilities do not comply with reporting Birth and

Death Notifications through DHA online system


1.      Accordingly, the current circular is to notify the importance for all health facilities in Dubai to continue submitting Birth, Death and Infectious Diseases Notifications through DHA system, this is based on DHA Jurisdiction , as the only authorized regulatory body in Dubai including collecting relevant data.



2.      All Licensed health facilities in Dubai should conform to the terms and conditions of the Executive Council Resolution No (32) of 2012, table 4- item 56- administrative violations that states clearly  “Failure to notify the Authority of the birth and death notification or provide their files periodically”, will result in applying the proper penalties on the facility

Facilities that continue to providing their certificates and cases as normal process through DHA system; to discard this circular.


DHA extends its appreciation to health facilities that continue to adapt reporting all the Notifications via the DHA system.


In case you encounter any system difficulties or need more clarification or queries, you can reach the team of Analysis, Research & Studies Statistics Department/ DHA during the office working hours from Sunday to Thursday 7:00 am. to 2:30 pm. as per the below contacts;


DHA Team  for Health Data –Tele no. & Emails: 

 Tel:04- 2197087


Tel:04-  2197398


Tel:04- 2197157


Tel:04- 2197392



Your commitment and cooperation in this matter is highly appreciated in advance.

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Supporting Documents:

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