24 December 2018

[Reminder] Updated On Circular # 169 E-Survey For Information And Data Submission Of Select Measures In Dha Qeyas Project

Reference: CIR-2018-SHN0905

Due to the need to complete all data elements from the available current sources, thus we have developed an e-survey through the Dubai Smart Government portal with certain questions that will require reporting and submission.

For this initial submission, we kindly ask that you submit your Q3 2018 results by 31 December 2018

Moving forward, we will require that all information or data for each of the e-survey questions are submitted for each quarter end by the following dates:
·        Q4 by 15 Jan. 2018
·        Q1 by 15April 2019
·        Q2 by 15 July 2019
·        Q3 by 15 October 2019
·        Q4 by 15 Jan  2020


Thank you in advance for your support, cooperation, and ongoing commitment to improving healthcare.
If there are any questions, kindly do not hesitate to reach out:

Shadin Hilton
IBM Watson health

Health regulation Sector-DHA

Below are the link to access the e-survey to submit your information or data.

For full details on circular # 169, please refer to the following link

With regards- Health Regulation Sector – DHA

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