30 April 2020

Safety Warnings & Withdrawals for Pharmaceutical & Herbal Products

Reference: CIR-2019-00000141

To all health facilities / all health care practitioners in Dubai's private health sector:

Referring to the above subject, DHA notes all health facilities regarding the Circular issued by the MOHAP for information and adhere to what is stated

  • Warning of using herbal product Shui An & Yang Xue Sheng Fa Capsule
  • Withdrawal two pharmaceutical product Gupisone Syrup Lot No: 0001 & 0002
  • Withdrawal one pharmaceutical product Flourouracil 500mg / 10ml Inj
  • Warning of using herbal product cause liver damage


Thanks in advance for your good co-operation

Drug Control Section

Health Regulation Sector


Supporting Documents:

تحذير من استخدام المستحضرات العشبية Shui An _ Yang Xue Sheng Fa Capsule.pdf:

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سحب تشغيليتين من المستحضر الدوائي Gupisone Syrup Lot No 0001 _ 0002.pdf:

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سحب تشغيلة واحدة للمستحضر الدوائي Flourouracil 500mg-10ml Inj.pdf:

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تحذير من استخدام مستحضرات عشبية تسبب أضرار في الكبد.pdf:

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