08 April 2019

Diversion of Disaster related work to Disaster Management Office

Reference: CIR-2019-00000151

- تحويل الأعمال المتعلقة بالكوارث إلى مكتب ادارة الكوارث والازمات

To: All Licensed Health Facilities – Emirate of Dubai

Dubai Health Authority would like to thank all strategic partners for their Constant support and cooperation with the DHA Central Disaster Committee in relation to disaster management and preparedness in Dubai Health Authority.

Kindly be informed that all disaster related work and issues at Dubai Health Authority should be diverted to:



§  Dr. Ali Al-Qaiwani

Director of Disaster Management Office - DHA

Please find below the contact details of Dr. Qaiwani  and the Disaster Management Office where you should adhere to send your weekly disaster data resources (Every Thursday at 09:00 hrs) through the following Email Address: (

DHA Central Disaster Committee is appreciating   in return your efforts, communication and usual cooperation in all subjects.



Dr. Zeyad Alrais

DHA Central Disaster Committee  





























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