15 April 2019

External Circular - . Patient Referral Policy

Reference: CIR-2019-00000175

Patient Referral Policy- Health Regulation Sector

To: All Licensed Health Facilities – Emirate of Dubai

Health Regulation Sector - DHA extends its appreciation for the continuous support and cooperation always exerted by strategic partners which in turn reflected in achieving the desired deliverables in the field. And as part of HRS commitment to update healthcare providers with all the developments both on health practices and laws and regulations governing the provision of the services, on the same context Health Regulation Sector hereby, enclosed the patient Referral Policy for the year 2019.

The policy  supports the standardizing and regulating the procedures of patients referrals and transfers amongst health care facilities within the Emirate of Dubai and the requirements  should be followed by the Initiating health facility and Receiving health facility to ensure the highest standards of care during patient referral process.


Please refer to the attached document to get acquainted with all stipulations stated in it.


We expect all to abide by the obligation (terms and conditions) of the policy and work under its provisions.


Thank you for your usual cooperation and support

With regards/ Dubai Health Authority

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external circular - policy of Patient Referral

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