25 April 2019

[Reminder] Dha/Dubai Healthcare Facilities Performance Framework

Reference: CIR-2019-00000200

Date: 30th January 2018


To: All Strategic Partners – Private Sector


Greetings from Dubai Health Authority


Subj: DHA/Dubai Healthcare FacilityPerformance Framework


Based on DHA dedication in keeping constant communication with its strategic partners ; this letter forms a part of DHA accountability process informing our strategic partners of the activities and latest new sexecuted throughout the coming period of time.


Hereby, it is with great pleasure to announce one of the nextphases of the Dubai Health Strategy (2016-2021). A part of DHA’s strategic priorities is to develop and automate a Key Performance Indicator (KPI)framework for health facilities in the Emirate of Dubai to enable DHA to successfully produce and manage health performance measures covering the following main pillars:

1. Patient Safety indicators

2. Clinical Quality indicators

3. Patient Happiness indicators (patient experience, including waiting time)

4. Financial indicators

5. Operational indicators.


Therefore, the expected result will be a comprehensive Dubai Healthcare Facilities Performance Framework (DHFPF), which can be used to rate healthcare facilities in the Emirate of Dubai


To achieve this, DHA has collaborated with WatsonHealth IBM Company which is an internationally recognized organization thatsupports healthcare systems across the globe, Which will help DHA to place the Emirate of Dubai in the forefront of healthcare quality measurement and improvement within the region and internationally.

The success of this initiative will greatly depend on the active engagement and participation of healthcare providers in supporting the intended initiative.


As a part of the project there will be current state analysis where Watson Health IBM has to conduct onsite visit to understand the current Metrix used for performance measures. Furthermore, a survey will be conducted for more understanding of your status;survey form can be found at the link:

Deadline to receive the survey in its entirety by 07/02/2018

As part of our ongoing affiliate partnership, DHA expects the full cooperation of all healthcare facilities in Dubai in providing healthcare performance framework of healthcare services in the Emirate.

Participation is essential and required to be accomplished by all healthcare facilities.

For any further details or queries, Please refer to the following contact details:

§ Abdulrahman Saeed at  /04- 502 4033  

§ Shadin Hilton at / +971 50 259 2675


    § Contact for any technical assistance.

Our sincere appreciation of your continuous support and cooperation in improving quality and safety and the provision of healthcare services in the Emirate of Dubai.

 for full access to the letter, please refer to the following link:


Kindest regards,


Health Regulation Department - Dubai Health Authority