25 April 2019

[Reminder] تحذيرات وتنبيهات السلامة من وزارة الصحة ووقاية المجتمع لشهر يناير 2018

Reference: CIR-2019-00000208

In accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and Prevention and interest to maintain community and public health safety, we would like to draw your attention to the following safety alerts and warnings for January 2018:
1.    Warnings on the recall of one batch of Algoxib 200 Capsules (celecoxib 200 mg), Batch No. 2520516, manufactured by SANOFI.
2.    Medical Device Safety Alert for Elecys Brahms PCT cobas e 801 module للشركة المصنعة   Roche –Diagnostics
3.    Medical Device Safety Alert for Apoptosis Detection Kit manufactured by Becton Dickinson.
4.    Medical Device Safety Alert for Volcano s5i, Core, and Core Mobile Systems with software version v3.5  manufactured by Philips Volcano. 
5.    Warning on illegal use of injectable silicone.

Warning for dietary/herbal products Tarty Slim PlusCapsules manufactured by Thailand Company Rawinnipa

For more information on the above safety alert, and to keep up to date with safety alerts  please visit MOHP website:

§To report Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) or Event, kindly fill out the ADR form available at the website:

Or contact the following addresses:

Tel: 04-2301448 or fax 04-2301947 or


§     To avoid any violations or penalties all health facilities must adhere to this Circular in accordance with the instructions set out within and should not use the mentioned Lot/Batch Number if available.


§For more information or submission reports , kindly contact the support office @ Health Regulation Department on :

Telephone: 04-5022901 / 5022996  

Email address:

for access on the circular # 136, please refer to the following link: