20 May 2019

Medical Display Screens

Reference: CIR-2019-00000257

To: All DHA licensed Health Facilities


In alignment with Dubai Health Authority’s keenness to continuously engage with strategic partners in the healthcare sector and to provide them with the latest relevant updates, and in order to improve the standards of healthcare services provided, based on laws and regulations issued, to ensure best practice in the field of healthcare services, all Health Facilities shall abide by the following:


§  Medical images must be read only in DHA licensed Health Facilities, on Medical Display Screens with high image quality to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment.

The minimum requirements of the Medical Display Screens should be as follows:



§  They should have Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) or Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) flat panels with medically qualified diagnostic screens.

§  Pixel pitch and display size should be consistent with the devices used, with a minimum requirement of two (2) megapixel.

§  Twisted Nematic (TN) LCD devices should not be used for medical image viewing.

§  The equipment should have a closed-loop control circuit.



To avoid any violations or penalties, all DHA licensed health facilities must adhere to this Circular and should not use low quality Medical Display Screens by end of December 2019.



For more information, kindly contact the call center on:



Telephone: 800-342

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  With Regards, Health Regulation Sector


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