25 November 2019

Price List of Health Services

Reference: CIR-2019-00000423

To: Concerned Licensed Health Facilities by DHA

Firstly, Health regulation Sector appreciates the continuous efforts and collaboration with your respected facilities which in return evolve the standards and quality of health services provided in Dubai.

As part of our ongoing development efforts, HRS would like to get the health services price list applied at your facility along with the code used for each services kindly abide by the following rules:


1.       Each standard code (CPT, HCPCS, and ICD) must have only one price.

2.       No duplicate codes are allowed in the Standard Coding column except if a modifier is presented in the Additional Code column.

3.       Prices of HCPCS can be utilized in different models (Bundles, Packages, Up-To limit).


Please refer to the attached template and to be filled out according to the general guidance and directions included.

Kindly send the report (as per the attached format) on the following E-mail address maximum by  8th December 2019.



Health Regulation Sector

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