30 December 2021

safety alerts

Reference: CIR-2021-00000258

To all Health facilities / all health care practitioners in Dubai's private health sector

Referring to the above subject, DHA notifies all health facilities regarding the circular issued by the MOHAP for perusal and adhere to what is stated


  • Safety Alerts for Medical Device - Abre venous self-expanding stent system
  • Warning and adjustment to the prescribed dosage of a medicinal product for the management of Haemolytic Anaemia - ALECENSA (alectinib)
  • Urgent Field Safety Notice - CareLink SmartSync™ Device Manager application software D00U005
  • Medical Device Quality Notification - Cobas® 4800 HPV Amplification/Detection Kits
  • Medical Product Field Safety Action - Levetiracetam Injection
  • Pharmaceutical Product Recall - 5008 Bloodlines (arterial line, venous line and safe line)
  • "false-positive", Rapid Plasma Reagin test results - Bio-Rad BioPlex 2200 Syphilis Total & RPR test kit
  • Medical Device Field Safety Notice - Oxygen (O2) Sensors



Thanks in advance for your good co-operation

Drug Control Section

Health Regulation Sector





Supporting Documents:

Abre venous self-expanding stent systemتقارير السلامة لوسيلة طبية-1.pdf:

View Document

ALECENSA (alectinib)تحذير و تعديل على الجرعة المحددة للمنتج الطبي لعلاج فقر الدم-11.pdf:

View Document

CareLink SmartSyncتقارير السلامة-1.pdf:

View Document

cobas 4800 HPV test تقارير السلامة-1.pdf:

View Document

Levetiracetam Injectionتقارير سلامة لمنتج طبي-1.pdf:

View Document

5008 bloodlineتقارير السلامة-1 (1).pdf:

View Document

Bio-Rad BioPlex 2200 Syphilis Total RPR test kit تقارير السلامة لوسيلة طبية-1.pdf:

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Oxygen (O2) Sensorsتقارير السلامة-1.pdf:

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