11 March 2022

Workshop on - Applying Best Practices & the Hospital Rating System for Organ Donation

Reference: CIR-2022-00000057

Dear Valued Healthcare Provider,



Firstly, thank you for all your efforts as you continue to work and serve our communities, both during regular times and during the challenges of this pandemic.


We are delighted to invite you to attend “ Applying Best Practices & the Hospital Rating System for Organ Donation” Workshop scheduled to be held physically on 14-15th of March, 2022 in Ritz Carlton – Abu Dhabi.


Organ donation in every sense of the term is a humanitarian mission and the contribution of organ donors and their families is an act of extraordinary human generosity and sacrifice. Providing the gift of life to others represents the height of humanity, compassion and benevolence.


We are inviting you, our esteemed healthcare leaders and professionals to optimize organ donation by having streamlined communication and processes within their hospitals, review donor hospital Key Process Indicators for driving improvement in donor detection and consent practices throughout the UAE and to discover the strengths and weaknesses in the process of Organ Donation in your respective hospitals. These strengths will earn the Hospitals a star rating as we work together in teams and compare ourselves with the best practices from around the world.

 Being an important partner to the DHA, we would encourage you to attend this important workshop.


 Please refer to the details as per the attached document.


Yours sincerely,


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