07 April 2022

Enhancing Surveillance of Legionnaires Disease

Reference: CIR-2022-00000077

To:   All Health Professionals & Health Facilities within the jurisdiction of Dubai Heath Authority –Dubai

Dubai Health Authority extends its sincere thanks and appreciation to its strategic partners in the health sector for their continuous cooperation to enhance the quality standards of healthcare services in the Emirate of Dubai.

For the purpose of safeguarding overall health of the population and in line with the preventive measures taken at the level of United Arab Emirates in general and the Emirate of Dubai in particular towards early detection and response to the legionnaires’ disease for the reduction of the risk of spread of the aforementioned disease, Dubai Health Authority is raising the level of epidemiological surveillance of Legionella cases in the Emirate of Dubai to ensure effective and optimal application of prevention and control measures for potential sources of Legionella infection according to the annex attached to this circular.


This circular and the annex attached to it shall come into force as of the date of its issuance, and all health professionals and health facilities operating within the jurisdiction and powers of Dubai Health Authority shall comply fully with the provisions contained therein to avoid any legal accountability.


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This circular is designed for regulatory procedures and should not be used as content for media publication

with regards- DHA

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