Amend Facility License

This service allows healthcare facilities to request for amending their active and/or inactive healthcare facility licenses. Amendments to inactive license only need DHA design modification review, however amendments to active licenses require initial approval, final approval and inspection.

Average Processing Time

5 working days

Who Can Apply

    Delegated Healthcare Facility Representatives who require one or more of the following amendments:

    Amendments applicable to inactive and active facility licenses:

    • Add/Remove Speciality 
    • Change Category
    • Change Location
    • Expand Facility Location
    • Change Facility Layout
    • Change Bed Capacity (this amendment does not require inspection)
    • Add/Remove Add-Ons - this includes: home healthcare, telehealth, 24 hour facility, pharmacy delivery, pharmacy drive-thru, clinical training service, mobile unit (depending on the facility category, different add-ons are permitted)   

    ​Amendments applicable to active facility licenses only:

    • Request Renovation 
    • Update Accreditations (this amendment does not require payment or inspection)
    • Update FANR License (this amendment does not require payment or inspection)


    • Applying for the changes in the respective trade licensing authority for applicable changes can be performed before or after requesting for this service.

Required Documents

    Depending on the amendment type one or multiple of the below documents may be required:

    • Accreditation Certificate Copy
    • FANR License Copy
    • Commercial Property Use NOC
    • Floor Plan
    • Mobile Unit Plan
    • Upload Clinical Training Service Form
    • Clinical Training Service Attachments
    • Signed Undertaking Letter
    • Updated Trade License

Service Steps

    • Fill and submit online application
    • Pay required fees
    • DHA review (if inspection or trade license update is required, application is returned to the applicant to fulfill requirements)
    • In case of approval, updated Facility license is issued

Service Channel

    • Sheryan portal

Additional Information

Approximate Cost

Final Approval for Changing Category Fees (for active licenses) AED 5000
Final Approval for other Facility Amendments (for active licenses) AED 2000
Re-inspection Fees (for active licenses) AED 1000
Add-on yearly fees: 24 Hour Facility (for active licenses) AED 0